What do you wear in paradise?

What coordinates with turquoise water, crystal blue surf and fluffy mounds of sands? What goes with blooming hydrangeas, palm trees and flamingos? How exactly do you complement coconut drinks dockside, a tapas culture to die for, boardwalk nights, and family shenanigans on waterslides at the pier? And how, oh how could you ever meet Mickey? What do you wear on the lido deck? The sail away party? The white party? What accompanies breakfast by the sea or people-watching at a festival? What about fireworks, stars & stripes? What goes with tangerine sunsets and early morning yoga on the beach?  How exactly do you coordinate with summer…How do you accessorize fun, serenity and happiness?

Our collection of monogrammed resort wear embodies summer. It is designed to be fun, classic, elegant, unique and bright. It’s both relaxed & outstanding. We coordinate with every mood of your vacation. From boarding call to late night walks on the beach, our necklaces are designed to complement your experiences, to make a statement and to put the effort in effortless style. All so that you can get on with the business of doing absolutely nothing…or something. Your vacation is a time to both reward yourself and to rejuvenate. Here’s to 100 days of Summer and a Glorious Spring!

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